Trauma & Physical/Emotional Memories

All of us will have memories from the past, some good, some not so good. Those memories can be like the rings in a tree that show the trees experiences of droughts and floods over time, and indicate the age of the tree. We may wish that when that difficult time is over they would go, yet somehow the memories are often not forgotten - just stored away.

When we have experienced trauma or challenging past memories, both our mind and body can act like hoovers sucking up these experiences and replaying them when new challenges present themselves. Once we can learn to sit with our present experience there is the opportunity to understand what we may be dealing with. We can learn to ground our anxiety finding both compassion and insight into what is taking place.

Some traumas are very much rooted in the present whilst others belong to the past in the form of child abuse or perhaps some kind of attack or near death experience, all of which can cause overwhelming emotions. Our instinctual memories do not necessarily have the benefit of understanding, they just register the trauma and set off an instant response. Learning the messages that are hidden in these experiences can be like learning to read the ring markings in tree trunks. It can take time and patience and at times the interpretations can have a mix of meanings; yet ultimately the overwhelm can be reduced as we learn the survivable nature of all that is taking place.