Training Courses:

Julia Young has a BA Hons in Counselling - June 2010

Julia Young qualified in Counselling to Diploma level in September 2006

Julia also has a Diploma in Grief & Bereavement - March 2015

Julia Young is a qualified Hypnotherapist (March 2015), (registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapists - July 2015)

Julia Young has a Diploma from INLPTA in Neuro Linguistic Programming - October 2016

Julia Young has completed training in Transactional Analysis (TA101) February 2016

Julia Young has a certificate in couples counselling - December 2015

Julia Young has a Diploma in Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards - July 2008

Julia Young has a Diploma in Reflexology - July 2008




Exploring the Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury - Open University OpenLearn Badged Course (May 2020)


Ten things all therapists need to know about depression - Rob Abbott (17th November 2018)

Mindfulness Day - Claire Cole (9th June 2018)


Trauma and the Body - Tim Brown (18th November 2017)


Supervision Matters - Jill Hunt (19th November 2016)

Expressive & Creative Writing in Therapy - Victoria Field (2nd July 2016)

A Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) Approach to Working with Shame Experiences in Trauma - Dr Chris Irons (25th June 2016)

Aggression in the Consulting Room - Carol Jones - 18th June 2016

Making sense of the Autism Spectrum seminar - Pam Ringland (Occupational Therapist): 14th May 2016

Working with internal conflict seminar - Holly Connolly (Senior Lecturer Chichester University): 23rd April 2016

Tip of the Iceberg - Working with Shame seminar by Lyn Jennings: 19th March 2016


Julia has completed training in couples counselling December 2015.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy training seminar, by Lorraine Bell 17th October 2015

Julia attended a talk on Attachment as a Therapeutic Modality by Professor Jeremy Holmes 13th June 2015

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy training seminar by Anne McKay 7th February 2015

Mindfulness - An introduction by Kate Dunn - 24th January 2015


Julia Young provided a training event on Emotional Wellbeing to patients at St Lawrence Surgery - December 2014

Julia has also had articles published in various psychotherapy magazines on issues around mental health labels and emotional wellbeing.

Worth Institute of Training - Foundation Training: Understanding Domestic Abuse - 12th December 2014

CBT With Heart (IAPT approved CBT course): Adrian Hemmings - Introduction to CBT, CBT Assessment, Anxiety Problems, OCD & Depression, CBT & MET for Substance Use, CBT working with Eating Problems, CBT working with Health Anxiety and/or Somatise issues Jan - July 2014

MindEd (BACP & NHS approved e-learning course for working with young people and young adults) started March-May 2014:

* Modules completed: What is counselling for children, young people and young adults? Counselling in Schools. Key differences between counselling adults and children/young people. Counselling in primary schools. Counselling in the community. Counselling and other services. Counselling and Specialist CAMHS. The evidence for counselling children and young people. Participation in Counselling.

Workshop on Hoarding - by Stephanie Head 17th May 2014



A Logical Way of Being - exploring the reality of Dissociative Identity Disorder and other complex dissociative conditions - organised by First Person Plural - 14th November 2013 

Unlocking the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Christiane Sanderson - 5th Oct 2013

Introduction to Existential Counselling: Ciaran O'Connor - 21st Sept 2013

Making Trauma Therapy Safer: Babette Rothschild - 20th/21st May 2013

Boarding School Syndrome: Broken Attachments: a Hidden Trauma - Professor Joy Schaverien 9th February 2013

Shame and the Body in Therapeutic Work - Lynn Bertram/Mary Mikel - Feb 2013



The Borderline Dynamic and the Body - by Tom Warnecke

An Experience of Embodied-Relational Therapy - Nick Totton

Exploring the Resourcefulness of the Traumatised Body - Margaret Landale

Working with Groups - Lynsey Hotchkies

Social Death, Working with Loneliness and Isolation - Mary Ashwin & Lynn Bertram

Sexuality in Later Life - Mary Ashwin & Mary Ann Bart (2012)

Counselling in Residential & Institutional Settings - Mary Ashwin (2012)

"Shame: The Ubiquitous yet Hidden Core of Mental Pain" - Dr Phil Mollon (2012)



We're all in this together? Power, Inequality and Diversity (2011)

-including lectures by Bill Kerry - co-founder of Equality Trust and Farhad Dalal, therapist and writer

- with a workshop by Richard House, Lecturer at Roehampton University

A paper from this workshop has been published in Psychotherapy & Politics International, published by Wiley-Blackwell (vol.9 No.3 2011) entitled

Power, Diversity & Values-Congruent Accountability in the Psychological Therapies: Report on an Emerging Dialogue

Written by: Julia Young, Richard House and Previn Karian


Politics and Psychotherapy: Dialogue Conference (2012)

Aspects of dialogue explored using both language and movement


Excessive Worrying - and its Treatment (Lecture) by Professor David Baldwin (2012)


What is Social Responsibility (PCSR Seminar) (2012)


Julia Young has also had a selection of articles published

Julia gave a talk to members of 'The Assembly' on 2nd December 2012 - venue Selby, London.  Go to the Assembly website to hear a podcast of the issues discussed.



Trained Reflexologist:

Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology

For some clients reflexology can provide a beneficial experience, particularly where issues of isolation and loneliness are concerned.

Reflexology is provided in clients own home

Charges: £20.00 per session.