Difficulty sleeping can be very distressing, paticularly if you are only able to get two or three hours sleep a night and it may be surprising to note that sleep difficulties are incredibly common.  We may feel that the fact it happens in the middle of the night can make it almost impossible to deal with, yet there are some approaches that can help with tackling seep difficulties.  

Firstly ensure that your bed is reserved for sleeping, or perhaps making love.  Ensure that as you prepare yourself to sleep the language you use is only about sleeping - by the way telling ourselves we are going to have another sleepless night informs our subconscious to do just that, so keep your language positive about going to bed to sleep.  Rituals such as brushing teeth can reinforce the bedtime routine, as we remind ourselves this is what we do when going to bed to sleep.  The bed too can be a physical reminder that when we lay on it we will go to sleep.  If waking in the night turn over and ensure the only language that is used relates to sleeping well, sleeping deeply and having beautiful dreams.

Sometimes our dreams can cause us to fear or be unsettled regarding sleep, or we may have something going on in our lives that is impacting upon our ability to let go of the day and sleep.  It may then be useful to speak to a trained counsellor to find understanding and emotional peace.  Hypnotherapy too can be useful in learning scripts that can work with our unconscious.

So please contact me if you would like to explore what may be happening for you, and positive approaches to finding a restful night's sleep.