Julia Young Counselling Service - depressionDepression can be a powerful emotion where we seem to be forever bursting into tears or expressing anger and unable to understand why.  At these times clients can sometimes ask ‘why do I do the things I do; react without thinking?  Why is it I seem so at the mercy of my emotions or unable to stand up for myself?  Why am I so vulnerable and unable to take my true place in society as a strong, free individual whose thoughts and beliefs matter?’

Tears are a valuable part of our emotional makeup, they can however be rejected as inappropriate and unhelpful, along with other strong emotions such as anger, hate, despair or perhaps our sexuality.  Together we will explore thoughts, actions and feelings; grounding our need to express ourselves and learning to trust that what is happening is an important and valid part of who we are.

Drug & Alcohol

Drug and alcohol difficulties can seem so powerful that it is hard to see how they will ever be overcome.  Labels such as ‘I am an alcoholic’ have come with my clients to the therapy room, ‘I just have to accept it that drinking is something I am powerless to deal with.’

I have worked with clients with drug and alcohol issues for some years, and whilst I respect the work of Alcoholics Anonymous who use the twelve steps, requiring attendees to admit to their being an alcoholic, I prefer to say that my clients are people who happen to drink/use drugs.  It is not hopeless and you are not powerless to drink or drugs, although it may seem that you are.  Some of the ways I work include using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focussed work.  None of this really matters to you, my client; together we will explore what is happening in your life, or may have happened in the past and how you can gradually, safely, address your drug use or drinking.


Julia Young Counselling Service - traumaTrauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and abuse are some of the issues my clients and I have worked with, where the terror of a situation that either happened recently or in the past start to make life challenging as the memories of what have been experienced flash into view.  The more obstacles are erected to blank out the memory, the more persuasive these traumatic events can become – sometimes they just will not go away.

Trauma, PTSD and abuse can interfere so directly with people’s lives that it can be overwhelming.  By gently working with whatever is brought into the counselling room it is possible to understand and start to face our distress.  Gradually sensitising ourselves to difficult or frightening feelings and understanding how our minds deal with memories, you can start to lay the trauma to rest.  Understanding the role of physical responses and cues in our environment that can trick us into believing we are back in that traumatic or abusive time, enable us to separate today from then.  With these insights we can then move on.


Many issues can arise with disability, such as power, dependence, difficulties with a sense of self, family relationships, social restrictions and sexuality.

Together we will work with what matters to you and how you wish to find meaning in your life.  Some clients have needed to express their frustrations and rage with their situation.  They may be in a relationship, or being cared for by family or a care agency and want to explore how they accept support to manage their needs whilst maintaining an independent voice.