Relationships can be difficult, whether it is in close relationships such as husband, wife, partner, child or when we are relating to family, friends or work colleagues.  

We can think, if only I understood what is going on here I could deal with it - is it them or is it me?

The truth is it can be either, or both.  Yet some simple approaches to managing how we relate can make an immense difference.  We can all get caught in relationship games which we neither understand, or want, yet feel powerless to do anything about.  Counselling can empower you to step back from conflict or disagreement, and make choices as to which issues to tackle and which to mange differently.  It is not really about whether you have the strength to take on a situation or relationship, it can be about learning what is happening and how to step aside from unhelpful conflict and find more useful ways of saying what you mean.

Learning how to 'be' in a relationship is in many ways an art, and once we have the tools we need they can be used in all sorts of other situations.  Understanding relationships and our part in them is a lifelong journey, yet once we understand what is taking place, throughout our lives we can then have strategies for making better and more healthy interactions.  

The other important point is that once we change how we are in a relationship, it can be wonderful to notice the changes that ripple through families, friendships or in work situations.  Change can really be infectious.