We can often struggle with our emotions.  It can be tempting to wish we did not have them, especially if we have experienced sadness, tragedy or trauma at some point in our lives.  However our emotions can be our most valuable asset once we learn to allow them space to be and are willing to learn from them.  This may sometimes require specialist help from a Counsellor or Therapist if we feel overwhelmed, or perhaps numb, to find understanding for what we are experiencing.

There are a few emotions that can seem problematic, to such a degree that we can try to banish them from our experience.  Emotions such as Anger, Fear, Rage, to name but a few.  It can be so hard to engage with these feelings both within ourselves and within those close to us; yet whether we want them or not we all have them.  By owning them and recognising their power, perhaps we could learn their value to us and society.  

I believe our tendency to disown emotions such as these and others can cause us to project out onto people and communities destructive forces that we fear within ourselves.  Society then becomes the poorer in so many ways.