The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID19) can appear on the surface to be the same for us all - how many times have we heard 'we are all in this together.'  On one level that is true, yet on another how we each experience what is happening can be utterly unique.

There are some very clear impacts to us in the form of loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of incomes, loss of social connections.  Then there are the less obvious impacts, where shocking, traumatic events in the present can unconsciously remind us of situations in our past.

For example if we felt lonely or isolated in the past or in our childhoods, these emotions can start to resurface in the present.  We may feel confused as to why we are experiencing difficulties emotionally, not realising how this pandemic could be triggering old memories in our unconscious.  We may feel nothing, which for some could also be a response learnt in the past to needing to shut off thoughts, feelings or emotions which were overwhelming.

Many of us will have felt shock at some time in our lives; we may all have our own uniqe way of managing this.  Yet the shock of not being able to sit with our loved ones when they may be so ill, or being unable to follow the time-honoued way of perhaps mourning there loss; can all bring to the fore times when something was left incomplete.  The shock of losing a job, or career opportunity, can feel devastating.  Our emotional responses can be complex and at these times hard to understand.  Therapy can help; enabling us to allow our sadness, yet also finding ways of managing anxiety.

It may seem that if you are unable to visit a Therapist due to social isolation there is no way of accessing support or understanding of what you are going through.  However we human beings are adaptable, and it is certainly possible to receive the support you need by phone.  Counselling can take place using this approach and be of great value.

So if you need to talk to someone, give telephone counselling a try.  We Therapists are there to hear your experiences and to help you find some understanding for how this pandemic may be impacting on your life or those of your loved ones.  Even just trying one session, will enable you to decide whether telephone counselling can work for you.  So give it a try, make that phone call - it may be the best thing you can do at this time.