The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID19) can appear on the surface to be the same for us all - how many times have we heard 'we are all in this together.'  On one level that is true, yet on another how we each experience what is happening can be utterly unique.

There are some very clear impacts to us in the form of loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of incomes, loss of social connections.  Then there are the less obvious impacts, where shocking, traumatic events in the present can unconsciously remind us of situations in our past.

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We can often struggle with our emotions.  It can be tempting to wish we did not have them, especially if we have experienced sadness, tragedy or trauma at some point in our lives.  However our emotions can be our most valuable asset once we learn to allow them space to be and are willing to learn from them.  This may sometimes require specialist help from a Counsellor or Therapist if we feel overwhelmed, or perhaps numb, to find understanding for what we are experiencing.

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Relationships can be difficult, whether it is in close relationships such as husband, wife, partner, child or when we are relating to family, friends or work colleagues.  

We can think, if only I understood what is going on here I could deal with it - is it them or is it me?

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